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The National Campaign for Housing Rights (NCHR)

09 / 1995

General Experience

In India, the National Campaign for Housing Rights, was formed in August 1986, as a country-wide independent coalition of organizations and individuals involved in and concerned about the right to people to live in a secure place, in peace and with dignity. Through a small group of people, NCHR succeeded in creating opportunities for people, NCHR succeeded in creating opportunities for people to fulfill their own housing needs. The campaign has been able to influence housing laws within parliament

Role of the NGO

NCHR campaigned and drafted a comprehensive Housing Rights Bill (HRB). The objective of this Bill seeks to guarantee all people a place to live in security and with dignity and makes a provision to provide specific mechanisms and instruments for the fundamental right to be achieved. The NGO and their campaign sought to disseminate information and raise awareness on all aspects of housing and the housing struggle. The Campaign’s effort to support and build solidarity with like-minded organizations and individuals involved in the struggle for housing in the country helped the NCHR develop a good network which could simultaneously voice concern over the deteriorating housing situations in India

NCHR has organized a series of consultations, workshops and seminars on Housing Policy, Gender and Housing, The Struggle for Housing in Rural India, Housing and Popular Power and Control, Housing Rights Bill, etc.. These have earned the NCHR acclaim as the only exclusive body on housing outside the Government fold

Type of relations between NGO and Government

The NCHR has managed to build an influencial network with both individuals and groups within the government. They have been able to influence factors in the country on the issue of housing through active lobbying with MPs, MLAs, governments and political parties

They have also been able to confront they government on important issues, such as when the NCHR drafted and submitted a "People’s Petition for Housing Rights" in 1988. This petition and a Charter Demands with the support of other mass organizations and trade unions in urban and rural areas almost turned the Campaign into a Housing Rights Movement in the country. This had a great influence and impact on the government influencing housing laws within parliament.

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