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Proposal for an emergency action network

05 / 1993

AMARC’s Solidarity Action Network is an initiative arising from the workshop on solidarity at the AMARC 5 conference in August 1992. The main purpose of the network is to mobilise the worldwide community radio movement in defence of community radio braodcasters whose right to freedom of speech is threatened.

RATIONALE: Community radio broadcasters all over the world have their rights to have a voice in their societies threatened in a variety of ways. The network uses a broad definition of emergency as any real or threatened censorship, violence, legislative interference, military or police intervention etc. that seriously restricts a station’s ability to serve its community.

METHOD: STRUCTURE OF THE NETWORK: The world is divided into nineteen regions. Each region has one or more regional coordinator. AMARC’s office in Canada serves an overall coordinating function.

OPERATION OF THE NETWORK: When a station is in trouble, it sends an "action alert" to its regional coordinator, detailing the problem and suggesting the type of action required. The regional coordinator circulates this information within the region and faxes or e-mails it to AMARC’s head office.

Upon receiving an action alert, AMARC evaluates the situation and appropriate action to be taken. Each alert includes some suggestions for actions to be taken. This may include sending letters or faxes of support or protest, emergency funding campaigns, or publicizing the situation to listeners. Once the decision is taken to circulate an action alert in the network, AMARC translates the alert and sends it to the regional coordinators for distribution to participating radio stations and institutions in their regions. The first task of each coordinator was to do research into their region pertaining to who would be best to communication with, and how best to communicate.

FINANCING: Co-ordinators have been asked to explore the possibilities of obtaining institutional support to cover the communication costs related to their participation in the Network. In certain circumstances, AMARC may provide some funds to offset costs. Otherwise, human rights organizations, international development organizations and professional journalists’ organizations are some of the groups which tend to be interested in this type of project.

EVALUATION OF THE PROJECT: AMARC is responsible for coordinating periodic evaluations of the network’s work. Reports of these evaluations are to be made available to network participants and AMARC’s membership.

Palabras claves

radio, comunicación, represión, red de información, solidaridad

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Taken from the internal document, "A Proposal for an Emergency Action Network". For more information, or to get involved in the network, please contact AMARC in Montreal directly.


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