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Centro Vega : management and networking for solidarity projects

06 / 1993

Centro Vega is an ACLI initiative (Associazioni Cristiane Lavoratori Italiani), in Padova. It dates back to 1991. It is a follow up of an active policy run by ACLI’s youth sector (Gioventu’ Aclista)in fighting unemployment (Movimento Primo Lavoro)since 1984. This work was done in the context of the favourable Regional law aimed at promoting youth work. Centro Vega has, at present, one full time worker and two consultants. The total budget is of around 90.000.000 It. Lire (around 60.000 US $). It wants to strengthen networking among voluntary associations in the Padua province; to promote a culture of solidarity and the activities of solidarity and social groups through an information and consultancy service for the whole province. It cooperates with other groups and istitutions and it runs seminars, training courses, documentation and information services. Through social management activities it aims at supporting valuable projects of solidarity and voluntary work expecially in the field of youth work according to a regional law (nr. 29, Veneto 1988). The average salary is of around 1.000.000 It. Lire (670 US $)for consultants and of 800.000 It. lire (530 US $)for regularly employed staff, according to the national workers contract in the field of services.. Internally it is organized in three main sectors: planning and coordination work, project analysis and evaluation, and secretarial and administrative work. It is supported by ACLI, MOVI and a local bank (Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo).

It cooperates and runs projects for the local province, the Public Health Service, the Region and several youth projects and local associations. All these relationhipss guarantee a stable working and financial basis. Nevertheless Centro Vega is hoping to expand its network of contacts and information exchange and is particularly interested in the European dimension of social work.

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Italia, Padova


Translated by Alessio Surian



DAVICO, Luca, IRED NORD, 1993 (Italy)

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