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The experience of People’s Dialogue in South Africa

(L’expérience de People’s Dialogue en Afrique du Sud)

09 / 1995

General Experience

The community based, the Federation and NGO People’s Dialogue, expect that everyone in the Federation will get a house for her family. The Federation will do whatever it can to ensure that the dominant development approach of the new government of South Africa is heavily saturated in the experience of the homeless poor. The Federation wants to see to removing any inequalities from the system, so as not to return to the recent past

Role of the NGO

Between 1990 and 1996, the Federation and People’s Dialogue have been advancing in several ways. The Federation has started a number of saving and loan shemes. More than 7000 families are saving in the Federation and loans are provided at a low interest during time of crisis or for income, generation

The Federation and People’s Dialogue has also started housing development programs. For example, in Philippi, Cape Town, members of the Victoria Mxenge Housing Association has secured collectively the title to their land, elected sub-group leaders to carry out daily savings collections, and they have begun to develop a building and training center so that members can receive on the job training in building project management, financial management and housing construction

The Federation and People’s Dialogue have also created the Utshani Fund which is an institution which attempts to bridge the gap between the needs and desires of the homeless and the economic costs of housing. At the same time it is an attempt to do so under the direction of the homeless themselves. This fund will enable poor families and women-headed households with organizational experiences and a culture of borrowing and saving to access to the resources needed for housing development in a manner which will further empower them to manage their development processes

Bold Type of Relations between the NGO and Government

People’s Dialogue has also attempted to bridge the gap between the community and the government. The Federation now keeps contact with the government departments at various levels. The purpose of these contacts is to sustain a dialogue with decision-makers so that they can gain a better understanding of the housing reality in the country. The Federation has had some success in shifting government perspective, especially at a national level, on the needs and priorities of poor communities. At the regional level there is contact with the Housing Ministers of the OFS and the Western Cape. The OFS Minister of Housing has pledged funds to Kgotsong HSS for one hundred houses. On a local level there is close dialogue with the Mayor of Port Elizabeth. There has been contact with the Mayor of Durban and the Cape Town City Planner.


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