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Urbanized Construction of MaLu Town, Jia Ding District

How a New Town Was Built?

(L’urbanisation de MaLu, dans le district de Jia Ding Comment on a construit une nouvelle ville)

Liu Yan Ping

05 / 2001

Malu town is the middle of Jia Ding District of the northwest of Shanghai; its total area is 32.9 sq-km. MaLu town was an undeveloped town. The total length of roads by flagstone, narrow, old pavement was less than 500 meters, there were only 40 mini-shops and the population was less than 1000 people in MaLu town. Now, there are 3000 households, the population is more than 10000 people, the total planning-area is 2.5 sq-km, it is 26 km far from the downtown area. The inner-river and land transportation is very convenient, No.204 National expressway and ’Hu-Jia’ highway cross the town, it intercrosses with ’Bao-An’ expressway in the center of MaLu town, ’Wen-Zhao-Bang’ river intersects with ’Heng-Li’ river in the town, and ’Heng-Li’ river intercrosses with MaLu town in the north of the town.

MaLu town now is a very rich town; the gross industry product of the town is the more advanced level in Shanghai suburbs since 1980s. It becames the first ’0.1-billion yuan’ town of Shanghai in 1983. During the eighth five-year plan, every economic index has increased more than 50 per cent; the GDP of MaLu town is RMB 6.1 billion in 1996, of the champion in Shanghai suburbs. It has 51 town enterprises, 162 co-operated and foreign enterprises, like well-known Remy Martin, McDonalds, Nippon NPL medical equipments multinational company settle down in MaLu. It also has 46 state enterprises until 1996. In July 1993, MaLu town erected Shanghai ’Hope’ economic city, which occupied 8 million sq-m, it has 2238 private company, and the registered capital is around RMB 2 billion.

The road system construction of MaLu forms the town essential frame of roads. ’Hu-Jia’ highway crosses the town; it is very convenient for the transportation. No 204 national expressway crosses the town, it divided non-motor pavement and pedestrian lane by the green belt, and there are a lot of trees along the expressway. ’Bao-An’ expressway in MaLu town by 4.3 km, its width is 22 meters by cement. The width of the road middle section is 14 meters, 4 meters pedestrian lane each side and it is divided by 4 meters green belt. Two expressways connect with other roads in the town and form the prosperous situation.

The town road system follows the north-south orientation and the west-east orientation. For the north-south orientation, there are 3 roads: Yu-Lan Road, Hu-Yi expressway and Yu-Cai road. For the west-east orientation, there are 3 roads: San-Yuan road, Bao-An expressway and Ying-Hua road, these roads connects the old roads and form the circular road system. For the old roads of T form in the town, it have been gotten lengthened and reconstructed, the stone fix-equipment, the balustrade, the lamp have been erected along the two sides of riverbank in MaLu town, the trees have been planted to form new town brighten landscape.

The fast-form new modern residential areas are located in the southwest, northwest and northeast of the town, there are 6 residential area, it is named No.1 Yu-Lan new village, No. 2 Yu-Lan new village, Tian-Ma new village, Bi-Hai new village, Ying-Hua new village and MaLu new village, 180000 sq-m buildings have been erected, about 2000 households leave the countryside for the town center and moving into the new flats with water, electricity, gas and bathing-room, the building services are serialized completely, the service equipment is new and the ground is covered by the green, the environment of the residential area is elegant. The building, named ’Hope Tower’ complex which costs 35,000,000 yuan and 11000 sq-m and 14-storey, has erected in the town center in 1996, it becomes the signal building of New MaLu town.

MaLu town now is very prosperous. It has 340 shops with different goods and very convenient for the residents. There are super-scale Xin-Lu shopping mall, Guang-Nan supermarket and shopping center; N0. 2 MaLu food market, named Jun-Ma farm products marketplace which is 2000 sq-m, has been erected in the north of the town; There are supermarkets, department stores, book shops, Chinese medicine shops, Bank of Agriculture, Constructor Bank, financial service in the old town. Yu-Lan road of new region is business Street, No.1 MaLu food market and the farm products market are all over there along the two sides of Bao-An expressway.

The water supply plant of MaLu town had erected in 1960s, ant it is 60 ton supplied daily. The town government invests 900,000 yuan to erected new water supply plant, it is 10000 ton supplied daily in 1986, it costs 20,000,000 yuan to connect Jia-Ding`s Yangtze river water drainage project, it is 50000 ton supplied daily; it have 35000 kv substation and 110000 kv substation in the town, the electricity supply is sufficient; It have 20000 IDD and DDD lines, now people can use the TV-telephone. 4100 households, 47 per cent of the total households, have private telephone lines; There are 2 gas-pipe equipment. The industry enterprise uses the gas since 1970 and the residents use the gas since 1979. There are 1600 households using the piped gas until now, and the others use the liquid gas. The cinemas, cable-TV, town kindergartens, junior schools, high schools and hospitals have been erected in the town since 1980.


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Industry enterprises, the farmers and the residential areas are getting together towards the town center, The farmers leaves for the town and bring the commercial chance. Follow local government policies: speeding up town construction, Malu town government catches ’reform’ and ’open-policy’ opportunity and invested a lot of money to reconstruct and erect the new road, residential buildings, business, water supplied, electricity supplied, gas supplied, telecom, culture, education, medical equipment, health care and entertainment, it makes MaLu get a big improve.

But the development mode of Malu town is not in line with the master plan of Shanghai. Under the planned economy, the town infrastructure is not well planned and equipped. Only the capital of Malu town is not enough to build up the infrastructure of Malu town. It must depend on market forces, as market-driven financing mechanisms by following international practices more closely.


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