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A Study Visit to Deaf Mental Health Services in Britain


12 / 1994

In this presentation I will summarize the activities that took place during the European Society for Mental Health and Deafness study visit to British Mental Health Services for Deaf poeple in September 1994. The study visit saw a combination of visits to established services, workshops, seminars, lectures and perhaps most importantly provided opportunity for lengthy "out of hours" debate, discussion and networking. All participants agreed that the visit had been an invaluable event which perhaps has raised more questions than it did provide solutions. However, throughout the workshops numerous suggestions emerged for future developments wich could further entrance and promote the role of Deaf professionals in this field. These ideas included :

- the inauguration of an European Association of Deaf Mental Health Professionals

- "Twinning" schemes, whereby 2 or more organisations/units of similar size and aims would develop a partnership fostering greater exchange of information and assimilation of good practice

- a directory of European Deaf Mental Health Ressources

- establishment of an "Association for Deaf Professionals"

- work exchange schemes

- promotion of mental health awareness in the European Deaf community

- further study visits to other E.U. member states

- development of an internationally transferable qualification for Deaf people

- European Society for Mental Health and Deafness newspapers and magazine.

Key words

basic needs, communication, international cooperation, information, health policy, mental health

, Europe, United Kingdom, London


This paper shows an interesting example of international cooperation in the Mental Health and Deafness field.


GESTES Groupe d’Etude Spécialisé "Thérapies et Surdités"has organised the ESMHD European Society for Mental Health and Deafnessthird international congress, in Paris, on december 1994. The publication of the proceedings will occur later on.

Written from the speech of John VAUGHAN, Training Manager, Pathfinder Mental Health NHS Trust National Deaf Services, Old Church, 146A Bedford Hill, London SW12 9HW, UNITED KINGDOM. Tel: 0181 675 2100, Minicom: 0181 675 2200, Fax: 0181 675 2266, Videophone: 0181 675 9707


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