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CNOS : vocational training in Catania (Sicily)


06 / 1993

The association CNOS was founded in 1985 by a group of coscientious objectors acting as social workers in Misterbianco, one of the most difficult area of Catania (Sicily). It wants to offer new models of vocational training to young, marginalised people with low educational qualifications and usually a very low motivation to study. Despite their young age, many of them are already living a marginalised lifestyle, and are often involved in illegal activities. Cnos educational projects aim at giving them an active role and a positive and stable relationship with trainers. Courses range from tailoring to electrotechnics, secretarial work and hairdressing. The centre is recognised and cooperates with the Regional Authority for vocational training (Assessorato al Lavoro della Regione Sicilia). It has 18 internal members of staff (10 women, 8 men)and one external consultant. Besides one administrative and one educational coordinator, the other co-workers act as trainers and technical workers. Their salary is around 1.800.000 It. Lire (1.200 US $)).

The team is organized into sub-groups according to the sector they are involved in. The sub-groups come together once a week for a coordination meeting. The internal structure aims to involve the trainers as far as possible,in running the courses. They also organize study trips to a number of local enterprises and encourage them to offer apprenticeships to the trainees. These periods often lead to stable jobs once the vocational training is over.

Cnos has a positive financial situation though it is totally reliant on contracts with the public sector. It has a budget of around It. Lire (around 700.000 US $). In the near future Cnos wants to diversify its projects in order to be able to work with other partners too.

Key words

social economy, vocational training

, Italy, Sicily, Catania



DAVICO, Luca, IRED NORD, IRED-Europe, 1993 (Italy)

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