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  • Growing cannabis in Lesotho: a matter of survival

    Rocco TYNDALE,
  • New ideas for mountain land management

    In sight of the increasing land degradation in the mountains of Lesotho, some farmers are bringing in alternative livestock management practices to preserve their livelihoods and their environment.Laura ARNALTE,
  • Together to find solutions for the water problem in the mountains

    Small scale farmers in Lesotho are becoming organized and creating networks in order to find solutions together to overcome problems such as scarcity of water, the main resource of the mountainous country.Laura ARNALTE,
  • Life skills for the mountains

    A vocational school in the foothills of Lesotho is creating opportunities for rural youth and promoting sustainable farming and farmers’ associations amongst the mountain communities.Laura ARNALTE,
  • A farming system for the mountains

    The development of a particular farming system, especially designed for the hard conditions of the mountainous country of Lesotho, called “Kingdom in the Sky”, is proving to be successful in achieving food security and reducing poverty amongst rural communities.Laura ARNALTE,
  • Les sources taries

    Le manque de confiance dans l’Etat limite la coopération qui préfére financer des infrastructures sans toucher à une société qui se réveille mal des bouleversements régionauxThierry LASSALLE,
  • A Parachuted Umbrella

    Lesotho Council of NGOs was highly encouraged by donors who overdimensioned it to serve as an umbrella organisation for all the NGOs of the countryThierry LASSALLE,
  • A High School Trains Students with a Curriculum Oriented Towards Practicality in a Rural Mountanous Area in Lesotho

    Thierry LASSALLE,
  • Wells That Run Dry

    Lack of confidence in the government limits co-operation, which prefers funding infrastructure, or concrete projects in every sense of the term, without impacting a society that is experiencing a rude awakening after regional upheavalThierry LASSALLE,
  • Saddles with no horse

    In Lesotho, microprojects are implemented with weakly organised beneficiaries groups who remain very passiveThierry LASSALLE,
  • A Primary Education too Close to Churches

    In Lesotho, primary education has recently been given a priority by the government with the involvement of the communitiesThierry LASSALLE,
  • They are sleeping because they are hungry

    By providing balanced meals to primary school pupils in Lesotho, World Food Programme initiated a dynamic of self reliance in these schoolsThierry LASSALLE,
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