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  • A farming system for the mountains

    The development of a particular farming system, especially designed for the hard conditions of the mountainous country of Lesotho, called “Kingdom in the Sky”, is proving to be successful in achieving food security and reducing poverty amongst rural communities.Laura ARNALTE,
  • Together to find solutions for the water problem in the mountains

    Small scale farmers in Lesotho are becoming organized and creating networks in order to find solutions together to overcome problems such as scarcity of water, the main resource of the mountainous country.Laura ARNALTE,
  • Life skills for the mountains

    A vocational school in the foothills of Lesotho is creating opportunities for rural youth and promoting sustainable farming and farmers’ associations amongst the mountain communities.Laura ARNALTE,
  • Recovering our sacred mountains

    A Zimbabwean Association is leading the process of recovering traditional knowledge, rehabilitating sacred places like the mountains, and reviving the culture and cosmovision of the Shona people, all aiming at an endogenous development of rural communities.Laura ARNALTE,
  • Back to our mountains

    How the indigenous communities recovered their land in the Highlands after independence, and organized themselves to manage their land in a sustainable way, recovered ancestral techniques and developed a local economy in Zimbabwe.Laura ARNALTE,
  • Malawi’s High grown Coffee

    Coffee growers from the mountains of Northern Malawi have built up a strong structure to support them in the production, processing and marketing of their cash crops. The result is a lucrative business that is taking their households out of poverty and encouraging farmers to stay on their land.Laura ARNALTE,
  • The future belongs to the organized

    Mountain people in Malawi are getting together and putting structures in place in order to reach decision-makers, so they can influence the policies affecting themLaura ARNALTE,
  • Small farmers in the highest south-african mountains

    In the highest mountain range in Southern Africa, subsistence farmers struggle to make a living and get out of poverty, while dealing with a land distribution inherited from colonialism and apartheid, a hard environment and degraded land.Laura ARNALTE,
  • New ideas for mountain land management

    In sight of the increasing land degradation in the mountains of Lesotho, some farmers are bringing in alternative livestock management practices to preserve their livelihoods and their environment.Laura ARNALTE,
  • De retour dans nos montagnes

    Comment les communautés indigènes ont récupéré leurs terres dans les hauts-plateaux du Zimbabwe après l’indépendance de ce pays, et comment ils se sont organisé pour gérer leur terre de manière soutenable, restauré des techniques ancestrales et développé une économie localeLaura ARNALTE,
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