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A movement against change for the worse of the Medical Insurance system by the government in Japon

People’s right to receive medical services without worries for payement


12 / 2001

Japanese government is now planning to change the medical insurance system for the worse, i.e. Increase of the insurance fee, and payement of patients when receiving medical service, on the other hand we notice the decrease of the expense of government of the insurance fund and payement from the fund to medical institutions. 50,000 MIN-IREN staff members, including 3,000 medical doctors and 20,000 nurses are concerned with this changement. From september we set up a movement on order to stop this changements for the worse. We think that is important to establish a social security system for patients to enable them to receive medical services without worries, and first of all, worries about payement. We set up different actions : -propaganda (posters, pamflets, messages through the mass-media including radio and newspapers, rally and demonstration parade) -signature (obtaining campain which goal is 5 million (5% of total population in Japan) -learning :(in small meating and big rally, to learn what the change for the worse is, and how to fight with it. -solidarity : join movement together with other medical organisations and people -negotations with goverment in cooperation with party who has the same aim as ours -Donation gathering donation from the MIN-IREN staff and inhabitants for the fund of above movement.

Palabras claves

salud pública, grupo de presión

, Japón


Our struggle is not completed. Government has not yet given up their policy for the worse.


This file was made in an interview at the World Assembly, Lille, France, dec.2001.


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