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Bauleni upgrading, Lusaka, Zambia

09 / 1995

General Experience

In Zambia, between 1991-1994, the NGO HUZA has been upgrading a variety of urban centers (50% of the national population live in these areas). The local and federal authorities (Lusaka City Council and Ministry of Housing and Local Government)cooperated with the NGO and community to carry out the upgrading activities. 11,885 people in this urban area benefitted from these upgrading activities in Bauleni, an informal settlement of Lusaka. This experience has had both an local and federal public policies

Actors involved

Human Settlements of Zambia (HUZA); Lusaka City Council; Ministry of Housing and Local Government, UNCHS (Habitat); the Norwegian Center for Cooperative Development

The role of the NGO was to mobilize, coordinate and train the community into action so they may carry out the upgrading activities. They also acted as a mediator between the community and local and federal authorities

Role of the Social Organization

The role of the social organization were to act as the decision-makers and see to the execution of the upgrading activities in Lusaka

Local/Federal Role

The role of the local and federal powers was to approve the upgrading activities and give recognition of land tenure

Women’s Role

The women of the community contributed to the upgrading activities through their labor and management

Bold Type of Relations between NGO Government

During the duration of this project, the relationship between the NGO and Government positively shifted from confrontation to negotiation

Levels and Type of Impact

These upgrading activities had an impact at the local and national level.


participação comunitária

, Zâmbia, Lusaka, Bauleni


Data card carried out for the governmentT/NGO cooperation project in the field of human settlement.


Documento interno


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